How Coachair Measures Up: Three Ways That Matter
How Coachair Measures Up

How Coachair Measures Up: Three Ways That Matter

Since 1978, Coachair has been a pioneer of the Australian HVAC market. It’s great for us to talk the talk, but it’s better when we walk the walk.

We have been working hard to provide quality products and extensive customer support that take us a step above others in the bus and coach HVAC industry.

How do we measure up against the rest? Here are three ways that we believe truly matter.


Industry experts you know and trust

Every business, whether big or small, is defined by its people. We are proud to work with experienced professionals in every department – from engineering and product development to sales, service and support.

Leading our team are industry experts Anthony O’Donnell and Eddie Furmancyzk. They work alongside our engineering and technical support team, Ian O’Hara and Mick McKenzie, to provide our customers with over 100 years of combined experience.

Together, they represent our business at many industry events, on regional roadshows and through local customer visits.

Whether you connect with our team at an event, on the road or over the phone; we are committed to providing expert advice and support to keep you running, in your workshop or ours.


Local support beyond measure

Our mission at Cochair is simple – to provide both superior, reliable products and comprehensive aftermarket support to every customer.

We believe we deliver on that promise every day with a great range of diesel and electric units, plus technical support, maintenance and spare parts for our customers.

Unlike many HVAC suppliers, our staff are local. We have teams on the ground in every capital city of Australia.

We also provide exceptional support for rural and regional customers with a network of trusted service providers, plus personalised visits to you from one of our industry experts.


Designed for Australian conditions

Coachair has a product to meet the needs of every bus and coach. Our electric series (EX) is forward-thinking; preparing bus and coach operators for the future of our industry. While our reliable diesel units (XT/CA) are some of the most efficient on the market right now.

We are the only HVAC supplier in Australia with on-shore engineering; meaning our products have been designed with local climates and conditions in mind. This helps us to meet our goal of providing customers with quality products at a lower cost, weight and power consumption.


Exceeding your expectations by every measure

The real measure of great Australian service is the local support a customer receives. At Coachair, we measure up every time.

Our team will have something on their next visit which represents the measures we go to for great customer service and support. So, we recommend setting up a time soon.

We would love to connect for a sales chat or support and let you know all the real ways that Coachair measures up. You can contact our team directly on the details below:

Eddie Furmanczyk
0488 106 111

Engineering & Technical
Ian O’Hara
0474 474 535

Technical & Training
Mick McKenzie
0488 588 331

For all other support, you can call 1300 287 247 during business hours or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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