Welcome Ian O’Hara: Engineering & Technical Support

Welcome Ian O’Hara: Engineering & Technical Support

There has been exciting growth at Coachair in recent months with a few new team members on board. We sat down with Ian O’Hara for a chat about his experience, why he was keen to join Coachair and where he sees the bus and coach industry heading for the future.


Over 10 years in the industry

Ian recently joined the Engineering & Technical Support team at Coachair. He is based in Brisbane most of the time, but will also travel the country to give our customers the technical support they need to keep running.

Prior to this role, he spent over a decade as the National Technical Manager at another well-known company in our industry. Though the roles are similar, joining Coachair has given Ian an opportunity to use his skills in engineering. 

“I’m excited to be involved in the product development at Coachair,” he says.

In fact, it was the fantastic products at Coachair which were a key reason for Ian choosing our team.

“Coachair offer an exciting range of products to work with – especially with their electric series (EX). I’d say at the moment, Coachair have one of the best products on the market.”

If he hadn’t found his perfect role at Coachair, Ian might have jumped ship for a career in motorsports. Racing a BMW in his spare time, he has followed F1 and Supercars for most of his life.

It could almost seem like a fated passion, with Ian sharing the same birthday as British F1 driver, James Hunt – the day, not the year. For those keen on a great racing movie, Ian highly recommends Rush which is about the rivalry between Hunt and another F1 driver in the 1976 season.


Providing customer support every day of the week

A typical day for Ian involves lots of time with our customers. Half of it will probably be on the phone, offering advice and technical support remotely.

His other duties include product training – running sessions to help our teams and customers get the most from their product. This work will be alongside Mick McKenzie, our other new team member from Technical Support & Training.

“Coachair’s support team is growing and they’re looking to grow that even further. They really are going above and beyond to support customers.”

This customer-first approach, combined with Australian-engineered products are two key aspects that set Coachair apart from others in the industry. As Ian notes, his previous company were a dealer only, whereas Coachair are manufacturers as well.

“This gets me closer to the products and gives me a greater say in what needs to be done to meet the market needs of our customers,” says Ian.


Looking to the future with Coachair

There is a lot to look forward to at Coachair and for our industry in general. According to Ian, the one to watch is electric vehicles – which Coachair are already prepared for.

“I think there is an exciting and changeable future at the moment for our industry. A lot of talk about EV’s and Hydrogen-fuel vehicles. There will be some challenges, but also a lot of exciting work ahead.”

When it comes to embracing this kind of change, education is key. Ian’s top tip? Talk to your HVAC supplier to get the support and advice you need.

“I think education is an important part for drivers. On how they operate equipment and its capabilities – what the HVAC system can and can’t do. Talk to your HVAC supplier about your individual needs. That will help you get the correct equipment for the job.”


Get in touch with Ian

To contact Ian directly, call 0474 474 535 during business hours or email IOHara@coachair.com.

If you need support from another department, you can reach Coachair by calling 1300 287 247 or using the online contact form.

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