In simple terms our services help extend the life of your fleet..


It’s safe to say we know rail. Our engineering team have worked on the design, manufacture, servicing and re-engineering of systems and components for the rail industry for over 30 years.

We also source alternate parts, including both genuine OE and Non-OE spare parts for the rail industry. Any issues you may have with spare parts will be solved with our total solution package of Procurement, Storage and Logistics, ensuring your parts are sourced both on-time and for the right price.


Obsolescence Management

As fleets age so do parts. Many original parts become obsolete which can impact serviceability. The Obsolescence Management program assists by identifying a suitable direct replacement part or reverse engineering a replacement part.


Life Extension Program

A combination of both Obsolescence Management and our Reliability Improvement Service, this program ensures regular maintenance and less downtime for your business.

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Managed Services Program

With our Through Life Support philosophy we’re with you every step of the way. Our managed services program lets you choose the amount of support you require. The program combines the following:

  • Repairs and Maintenance (including a Service Level Agreement) that guarantees a fixed on-site response (e.g. 2hr, 4hr, 24hr) or return to service time
  • Periodic Failure Data Reviews
  • Periodic Failure Reports
  • Reliability Engineered Solutions
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Spare Parts Logistics – procurement, storage and supply


Reliability Improvement Service

Intermittent issues can be hard to detect and can result in fleet downtime. We analyse failure data, gather and assess external data, and then compare against the system benchmark.

Periodic Overhaul

Coachair performs periodic overhauls of your fleet. While the standard overhaul is every 8 years this can change depending on the age and needs of your fleet.

Anti-Grafitti Solutions

Downtime for any reason is costly for any rail operator. Graffiti is a major issue for passenger rail operators and greatly impacts operational time. Understanding the real costs of any form of downtime has led to the implementation of anti-graffiti solutions. The use of sacrificial window film is a game changer for both the rail and bus market. At Coachair, we source, supply and install pre-cut film to protect carriage windows. Any scratches or profanity found means a simple removal and reinstall of this protective film. Our service offering ranges from supply of bulk pre-cut film to operators to a full service with Coachair staff on-site conducting regular graffiti checks, removal and film install.