Sacrificial Window Film

Anti-Graffiti solution from Coachair

We provide a cost-effective solution to replacing expensive glass that has been etched or scratched by vandals.


Vandalism is a constant problem for passenger transport operators and maintainers across both the train and bus industries.

Etched and scratched glass is the most difficult of all graffiti to deal with. It cannot be cleaned, removed or painted over, and replacing the glass panel is a solution that incurs great expense to the transport operator.

The financial cost of the glass is not the only concern. The time to perform the replacement task is usually significant as it generally requires highly skilled glazing personnel.


Coachair offers a cost-effective solution to virtually eliminate the need to replace scratched or etched glass.

The application of a specifically designed, optically clear, Anti-Graffiti film is available to protect the glass from unwanted and expensive damage.

Traditional transparent security films are permanently applied to the glass surface, making removal and re-application time-consuming, labour-intensive, and more costly.

Sacrificial Window Film uses a specialised adhesive system, resulting in the removal and application being much less time-consuming and, as a result, more cost-effective.


Generally, most companies have applied and cut security film on-site to fit the various glass panel sizes. The trimming of film on-site can be more time-consuming and require a greater skill and training level.

Our process uses a digitised template to enable each panel to be cut with a high degree of precision every time. Not only does this process reduce installation time, reducing costs, it also ensures a perfect fit.

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