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Coachair products have set the benchmark for the modern bus and coach air conditioning market.


Coachair products have set the benchmark for the modern bus and coach air conditioning market.

While our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) product range has evolved over the last 30 years, our commitment to delivering products that offer long life, low maintenance, predictive comfort control and low power consumption remains unchanged.

Our Through Life Support commitment means we’re here to provide continued product, technical and service support for the entire product lifecycle, which can last up to 30 years.

Keeping you moving is what we do. We stock a wide range of genuine and non-genuine bus and coach spare parts, competitively priced and all with nationwide delivery.

We offer priority response for warranty claims, in-house training for fleet customers, spare parts ordering and delivery. We’ll also arrange repairs with one of our skilled mobile technicians or via our network of National Service Agents. No matter where you are we’ll have you up and running.


Design For the Future

We are solutions-focussed. We identify what solution is required and we research, design and create it. We design for the future and the past. From developing new Hybrid Integrated HVAC units to re-engineering products to replace obsolete parts, we work with you to ensure we meet your specific needs.


CA Series – CA34/40


Combining the latest technology and components the CA Series is an excellent all-rounder and suitable for a broad range of larger buses and coaches.  Featuring a 4 or 6 cylinder compressor configuration and programmable eco mode, the CA40 and 34 are not only fuel efficient they offer high capacity, quick recovery and provide the highest airflow on the market.

Both models offer a simple uncluttered layout allowing easy servicing access to all electrical and refrigeration components. High and low pressure safety cut out switches are also a standard feature.


ModelCA 34/40
Cooling Capacity (KW)36/40
Heating Capacity (KW)38/40
Airflow High (free flow) m3/hr6600/8000
Power Supply24 V/24V
Current Draw High Speed (A)85A @ 27V/95A @ 27V
Unit Weight (Kg)190/230
Dimensions (mm)3010 long /3220 long
 1900 wide/1900 wide
 225 high centre/215 high centre

Heater/Demister Unit

People sitting on bus

The Heating and Demisting Units have been designed for ‘low floor’ type bus & coach applications.

The units provide heating of the driver’s compartment and/or demisting of the windscreen.

The Coachair Heating and Demisting system has the following key features:

  • Light-weight construction.
  • Standard operating voltage of 24V DC.
  • Efficient use of engine heat for heating requirements.

XT Series – XT353

The popular XT series set the benchmark and continues to be one of the most reliable, durable and long serving units on the market. The XT353 suits large buses and coaches with up to 14.5 metres and is available in either heating and cooling or cooling only.

Featuring a 4 or 6 cylinder compressor configuration and programmable eco mode, the XT353 is designed to suit the toughest of operating conditions whilst combining the highest cooling capacity with whisper quiet operation. The wide body unit allows air-conditioned air to enter directly into the bus or coach air duct system, deleting the need for transition ducts.

Servicing is straightforward with a simple uncluttered layout allowing easy access to all electrical and refrigeration components.  Coachair air conditioners incorporate both high and low pressure safety cut out switches.

Cooling Capacity (KW)38
Heating Capacity (KW)40
Airflow High (free flow) m3/hr6600
Power Supply24 V
Current Draw High Speed (A)85A @ 27V
Unit Weight (Kg)235 approx. (cool only)
Dimensions (mm)3,800 long
 1,940 wide
 235 high centre
 155 high side

Climate Control Unit

The operation of the A/C System is controlled by an advanced electronic Climate Control System located in the Return Air plenum of the rooftop unit. The location of the Electrical Panel provides an easy service access from the bus cabin.

The CCC System was specially developed by Coachair for Bus & Coach air-conditioning applications.

Custom designed solid-state devices are used in place of conventional switching relays to control the power supply to the motors providing extremely reliable operation.

The system is modular in nature allowing quick and easy replacement of components during servicing.

Electric Series – EX26 / 32


The EX model is designed for a range of alternative fuel buses, including electric, hybrid and hydrogen. This unit has the highest capacity with the lowest power consumption of any full electric unit on today’s market.

Due to the two smaller DC voltage compressors, the roof top weight is over 50% lower, compared to alternate product currently available on the Australian market.

This unit has the lowest whole of life cost, compared to similar electric bus HVAC units on the market today.

Model EX26 / 32
Cooling Capacity (KW) 26 / 32
Heating Capacity (KW) 24 / 30
Airflow High (free blow) m3/hr 6000 / 6600
Refrigerant R407c
Power Supply DC400-720V/DC300-720V
Unit Weight (kg) 200 / 230 approx
Dimensions (mm) 2,750 long / 3000 long
  1,920 wide
  285 / 270  high centre
  348 high side