Superior 26 KW technology at competitive market prices
EX26 Unit

Superior 26 KW technology at competitive market prices

The EX26, suitable for 10-14 metre buses and coaches, offers superior 26 KW HVAC technology using 30 – 40% less power than equivalent 26 KW products on the market. Coachair’s EX model is designed for a range of alternative fuel buses, including electric, hybrid and hydrogen. It offers the technical benefits of our larger units but at a lower capacity.

Reduced power consumption delivers a wide range of benefits to our clients, including an extended range.  The EX26 is significantly lighter than anything else currently available in Australia creating capacity for additional passengers.

The unit benefits from a shorter charging time and quicker recovery, meaning your fleet is back on the road sooner.

As an organisation, Coachair is committed to providing our customers with a superior, reliable product at a lower cost, weight and power consumption.  The EX26 meets all of these criteria and has the lowest whole of life cost, compared to similar electric bus HVAC units on the current market.

The features of the EX26 go beyond the reduced power consumption.  The evaporator and condenser coils are manufactured from the more efficient rifle bore copper pipe rather than aluminium. 

The unit further benefits from twin compressors with two low-weight DC variable speed scroll compressors with no vibration. Twin compressors also provide contingency in the case of partial failure. If one compressor fails, your vehicle will still have 50% of the refrigeration system operational to keep the vehicle at temperature.

With options for standard coolant heater, reverse cycle or PTC heating, as well as a CAN bus control system with a 7-speed airflow adjusting module, the EX26 is the superior 26 KW option for alternative fuel buses and coaches. 

To find out more about the EX26, download our brochure, or contact us to find out more.

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