Responsible procurement.
Responsible Procurement

Responsible procurement.

Coachair takes our responsible procurement obligations seriously.  The nature of global procurement means that all purchasers are responsible for ensuring that goods manufactured overseas are produced without exploitative practices.

Purchasers must be actively aware of unacceptable practices in the supply chain.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to be actively aware of the origins of our products as well as the manufacturing processes. It’s not good enough to pretend these issues don’t exist by not asking questions or turning a blind eye. 

We work with transparent supply chains and do not source or manufacture goods from countries that have been identified as practising modern slavery.  Our partners, such as Teknoware, also meet these responsible procurement obligations.

We consider unacceptable practices to include fraud, corruption, modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and broader issues such as child labour.

A crucial part of our vision is to produce and deliver quality products and solutions.  Doing so ethically and responsibly is part of our commitment to our customers and our staff. 

We want our teams to feel proud of the Coachair brand and give our customers confidence that when working with Coachair, they are receiving a superior, reliable product backed by responsible procurement practices.

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