Case Study – Simple and cost effective solutions to resolve end of life parts
Coachair end of life parts

Case Study – Simple and cost effective solutions to resolve end of life parts

An OEM was unable to provide a viable solution at a reasonable cost and timeframe to resolve a PLC’s replacement. Coachair provided a solution for end of life parts.

The Coachair solution:

Metropolitan rail fleet
The unit design was reviewed, and Coachair engaged two viable rail-experienced PLC providers to develop solutions promptly. The solutions provided to the Operator enabled a realistic project plan and budget for the trial and roll out across the fleet.

Coachair offered a cost-effective outcome, ensuring the OEM level or better operation of the HVAC. The solution included reverse engineering as required to meet all vehicle requirements.

We also provided full access to the IP to allow ongoing support of the product following the program’s successful completion.

Locomotive fleet
Coachair engaged its engineering team with the PLC OEM to develop a simple drop-in replacement. The software was reversed engineered and maintained the same operation as the previous PLC ensuring a relatively seamless transition to the new device.

The project included complete installation and maintenance details so that any future service providers, including the OEM, can maintain this fleet.

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