Helping our customers find cost-effective service solutions
Busabout buses lined up in their depot

Helping our customers find cost-effective service solutions

Whether we’re providing technical support over the phone or coming your way for a visit and fleet audit, we are committed to doing everything we can to make our customers’ lives better.

This includes our commitment to Through Life Support, which means we’re on your side for the lifetime of your equipment.

A recent example was a visit to our customer, Busabout Wagga Wagga. This family-owned business has a fleet of 65 buses (and counting) which they use for a mixture of public transport, charter and school bus services. They contacted us for a fleet audit, to learn about the condition of their HVAC units and how they can take good care of them for the long haul.

Read on to find out what a fleet audit entails and how we can help you make the most of your equipment.

Getting on-site to assess your needs

We received a call from Busabout Wagga Wagga who asked if Coachair would travel to their premises to conduct a fleet audit and build a maintenance plan for their fleet of 65 buses, so we got Eddie on the road.

Eddie spent 3 days auditing the equipment on their entire fleet. When completing a fleet audit, we’re looking to answer three key questions:

  1. What type of units do you have?

    The first thing we’ll do is create a log of your HVAC units, including the make and model. This helps the technicians know which components they require to service your system in future.

    We don’t mind if you’re not 100% Coachair – since our maintenance services are brand agnostic, we’re equipped to assist with competitor units as well.

  2. What state are they in?

    Next, we’ll take a general look at the state of your equipment. Do they need a clean? Are there any broken parts?

    As Eddie explains, a regular service makes it less likely that you’ll find these kinds of problems; though not impossible.

    “We’re working with mechanical equipment, so we can’t say there will be no problems. But, we can promise to be upfront with you and help you find a solution that is cost-effective for your business.”

  3. What is your current maintenance plan?
    Finally, we’ll have a chat with you about how often you currently service your equipment. For example, the Busabout team relied on a great local service person, but their visits probably weren’t frequent enough.


Making plans for the future

After completing the audit, we’ll report back with our findings and share recommendations for next steps. In this case, Eddie identified some necessary repairs and recommended a preventative maintenance schedule.

We made a plan with the Busabout team to send a Coachair technician to their premises for 1-week each month. This way, we can get onto the repairs right away and keep on top of servicing to help prevent future issues.

We were beyond pleased to learn that our commitment to after-sales service has convinced this customer to stick with Coachair units alone for future replacements and upgrades.

Busabout Wagga Depot

The value of regular servicing

We realise there are lots of reasons that servicing might fall behind; from forgetting to book in to worrying about added costs to your business.

“A lot of customers think about the cost of a service in the short-term, but they have to remember the value of regular servicing in the long-term,” explains Eddie.

One of our preferred options to keep costs predictable is booking a regular service for your HVAC units.

“You can have a unit that lasts you 10, 15 or more years with proper care. That’s a few hundred a year to keep it running, compared to thousands upfront if you have to replace it.”

A yearly service and clean typically leads to less breakdowns, less component failures and in turn, lower costs for running your equipment.

If we do find something that needs fixing, we are confident in the capability of our team and the dedicated spare parts department to get you back up and running ASAP.

“The beauty of Coachair units is they are simple and effective systems. Whether in person or over the phone, they are easy to understand and diagnose. In many cases, they are easy to fix too.”

Montage of images showing Cochair service vehicle and warehouse and Busabout buses

If you do need to purchase new equipment, we have options to add on a servicing package for the first 5 years. It might mean slightly higher costs upfront, but it also means peace of mind that your service costs are covered for the near future.

To find out more about service packaging options, reach out to Eddie on 0488 106 111.

Book your next service

Whether it’s winter, summer or spring – every season is the right time to book a service. We recommend setting up a regular servicing schedule to keep your equipment running at its best all-year round.

To chat with our team, order spart parts or book a service – call 1300 287 247 or email

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