Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle and Coachair’s rail division combine to form Noske Rail
Noske Rail

Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle and Coachair’s rail division combine to form Noske Rail

Two leading companies in the Australian and New Zealand Rail industry have come together as members of the 100% Australian-owned KYR group to create “Noske Rail”.

Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle, headquartered in New Zealand with branches in Victoria and Western Australia, specialises in the design, manufacture and in-service support of HVAC and refrigeration equipment for passenger cars and locomotive driver’s cabs, including custom-designed solutions and a wide range of standard units.

Coachair, headquartered in New South Wales with branches in Queensland and Victoria is an Australian market leader in the provision of HVAC solutions for the bus and rail industry, with their rail division also offering sacrificial anti-graffiti window film and Teknoware lighting and panel solutions.  

By bringing Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle and Coachair’s rail division together under the common ownership of the KYR group, customers benefit from working with a company with a broader engineering base and experience, an extended branch network, and access to the KYR group’s market leading products such as ecotio₂® anti-virus coating, sacrificial window film and the Teknoware range of transportation lighting.

“This is an exciting time for Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle. New ownership by a financially strong Australian shareholder underpins our commitment to support our customers for the whole life of the product. The joining of Coachair’s rail division with our own means we now have truly Australia-wide coverage for sales and service,” said Martin Mallon, Managing Director of Noske Rail.

This commitment is shared by Coachair and Noske Rail’s parent company KYR Group.

“The recent acquisition of Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle and subsequent amalgamation with Coachair’s rail division to form Noske Rail, has added rail HVAC manufacturing capability to the KYR group and increased our ability to support our customers by extending the branch network for rail HVAC sales and service throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said Dieter Mosmann KYR Group CEO.

 “Our bus and coach customers will still be able to rely on Coachair to deliver quality products and innovative engineered maintenance solutions under the Coachair brand which will now be solely focused on the bus and coach market,” continued Dieter.

To find out more contact us or visit the Noske Rail webpage.

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