Case Study – Benefits of data logging
Queensland train near platform

Case Study – Benefits of data logging

The Queensland Rail (QR) EMU HVAC fleet was re-engineered in the late 1990’s which included having an onboard PLC in every unit. The subsequent benefits of data logging resulted in the PLC being incorporated into the design of all HVAC units for the SMU and IMU fleets also.  The inclusion of a PLC provides valuable information to the operator, as well as to Coachair as the re-engineering and overhaul provider.

The Coachair solution:

The data collected from these units is advantageous in enabling a higher accuracy in diagnostics and therefore more efficient servicing. It gives surety as to what issues have been with the fleet, and a good understanding of what is needed for the future.

Since 2014, Coachair has completed over 400 jobs, including major services, with less than 3% NFF.

The detailed monitoring of key components of the HVAC system has made it possible to accurately design a scope of works to rectify the NFF, improving the reliability and availability of the fleet.

It also allowed confirmation of whether previous repairs were or were not successful via verification using operational data.

The use of datalogging, and engagement of a HVAC specialist such as Coachair, can have other benefits for a rail fleet, including:

  • Long life filter testing – unit performance over time
  • Tested / checked OK – understanding of faults for control logic changes
  • Reset – accuracy on why the unit is tripped
  • Control logic review – how the programming manages the units’ operation
  • Refrigeration and thermodynamic design review

An investment into PLC data logging can bring immediate savings in the reduction of cost for future overhauls, but also provide ongoing cost savings for annual fleet running costs.

To discuss the benefits of data logging with one of our team, contact us today.

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