Local manufacturing expertise.

Local manufacturing expertise.

What does a baby bassinet on a Qantas B787 have to do with bus and rail air conditioning? It is an example of the extensive group engineering and local manufacturing capabilities within the KYR Group.

Under the Byron Aviation brand, Qantas trusts the KYR Group to look after some of their most precious cargo. For instance, Byron Aviation manufactures, refurbishes and maintains baby bassinets installed onboard the B787 and many other aircraft.

That same level of local manufacturing expertise is applied at Coachair. Established in 1978, Coachair is recognised as a pioneer in the Australian Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) market and has a long history as a manufacturer.

Whether it is rail HVAC sub-assemblies, pipework or electrical boards, Coachair’s service technicians are supported by experienced HVAC engineering staff to resolve old and new fleet issues. More details on manufacturing solutions for rail and bus clients can be found here.

On a group level, the KYR Group is an OEM manufacturer in the bus, aviation and industrial fan markets.  It also represents overseas-based OEMs through the provision of local engineering, manufacturing, logistics and aftersales support. This support further extends to providing local manufacturing and assembly options for partners where local content is a tender requirement.

With facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the KYR Group has the manufacturing credentials to give clients peace of mind that their engineered solutions are in expert hands.

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