Meet local content requirements.
Coachair Local Content

Meet local content requirements.

Coachair helps our customers meet local content requirements on new builds and ongoing maintenance. Our intimate understanding of local conditions and requirements result in solutions specifically engineered to meet them, maximising outcomes for all stakeholders.

With over 40 years of experience, we are committed to delivering a superior performing product with exceptional customer support and priority service response. We remain the only company to design, build and manufacture air conditioning systems for the Australian bus and coach industry.

Is your local content really as local as you think?

Different government purchasers will have various local content requirements.  These could include the source of the goods, materials and services, or the degree to which local suppliers and subcontractors are used. Some requirements may specify that local content must have a small, localised geographic footprint.  For example, within the city that the purchasing company is located within. For others, it is acceptable to consider suppliers within the state or Australia as a whole.

Local content is usually calculated as the sale price less the imported content – including the supplier margin. When your supplier is foreign-owned, it increases the risk of that margin going offshore. Coachair and our parent company, The KYR  Group, are 100% locally owned, which means ALL of our local content stays local, ready to be reinvested back into the Australian market.

Local presence for overseas OEMs.

Coachair provides overseas Original Equipment suppliers with a local presence and the ability to provide local content options to their customers. Working with our overseas-based supplier partners, we offer OEM’s a range of options, from fully imported products with 100% local maintenance, to leveraging our extensive group engineering and manufacturing resources to achieve the best local content/cost balance for manufacture, assembly and/or manufacturing under license.

Coachair uses our experience, strong existing relationships, and multiple locations within Australia to assist OEM’s navigate those differences to achieve the best value outcome for all stakeholders.

We have some of the best people in the industry. Our expertise includes engineering, product development, technical support, logistics, procurement, sales and customer service. Everything to ensure our customer’s local content needs are met.

Talk to us about how we can help you meet local content requirements.

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