Pre-summer checks keep you running.
Pre-Summer Service

Pre-summer checks keep you running.

Australian bus and coach operators know that the hot Australian summers can considerably stress a vehicle’s HVAC system.

Breakdowns on hot days create an uncomfortable experience for both passengers and drivers, not to mention the risks to service targets.

Don’t wait for the first hot day to consider your servicing needs.  The cooler months are the perfect time to conduct your preventative maintenance.

Getting an annual service on your vehicles, with a focus on air-conditioning, significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns as the temperature rises.

Coachair is here to help.  We can work with you to develop a custom maintenance program that looks after your whole fleet.  Preventative maintenance looks after your assets for the long-term and helps reduce the costs associated with reactive repairs.

We can also offer a fixed price service to help you manage your budget.

Talk to us and book your preventative servicing today. The national parts and service team can be reached on 1300 287 247 or via

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