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This process will enable us to communicate more accurately with our customers and provide a more timely outcome across the board. Access to Australian and International stock holdings ensures timely arrivals and consistent quality.

We have also included a spare parts listing for your assistance with parts number clearly identified. To order spare parts or components, or simply follow up an existing order please call Australia 1300 BUS AIR, NZ 0800 BUS NZL or Malaysia 1300 CA MSIA. International orders can be placed through our Malaysian office.

Spare Parts List

MRA366Adaptor Hub 1/2" suit ERM080/ 081
ERA120Alternator 12V 120Amps
ERA150Alternator 24v 150Amp
RRV203Ball Valve SRLT/SRLP
RRV202Ball Valve SRLM
ESC0964Battery Cable 15m
SGB001Bearing Clutch
SGB043Bearing Clutch 05G
MRH0021Blower Housing
MRW127Blower Wheel BH1500 5/16
MRW022Blower Wheel -R150606-L10-91
MRW021Blower Wheel -R150606-R10-91
MRB013Bolt-Brass S'Head M8X30
RAB1811Boost Pump Ametek 24V
RAB181Boost Pump Ametek 24V with plug assy
RAB160Boost Pump Assy
RAB180Boost Pump Assy 24V (Rotron)
RAB183Boost Pump Johnson mini
297009Boost Pump Seal Kit Johnson
SMB081Brush Cap ERM079/ERM080/ERM081
320783Brush EMP Motor
SHB001Brush Honeywell kit
SLB001Brush Leeson Motor - sold each
SLS001Brush Spring Leeson Motor
SMB080Brush Suit ERM080 - sold each
EAC997Brushless Control Assy
EAC996Brushless Control- Long
EAC995Brushless Control- Short
846002Bush - Idler assy
RAV108Check Valve Magnetic
ERC011/016Circuit Breaker 10A, 15A, 20A, 35A
SLC006Clutch 24v 2A*2B 200+195mm
SLC004Clutch 24v 2B 160mm
SLC013Clutch 24v 6PK 170mm
SLC015Clutch 24v 10PK 176mm
SLC031Clutch 24v 10PK 204mm F600
SLC023Clutch 24v 1A 197mm 9K 200mm
SKC004Clutch 24v 255cc - DKS Comp
SLC065Clutch 24v 2A 230mm 2B 170mm
SLC064Clutch 24v 2A+2B No Alternator
SLC008Clutch 24v 2B 200mm
SLC030Clutch 24v 2B 220MM
SLC010Clutch 24v 9K 193mm
SLC003Clutch 24v Multi Grve 7PK 195mm
275055Clutch Coil 24V DKS32 Clutch 2B
SBC003Coil 24V Suit KOREAN
SKC003Coil Field 24v 255cc - Suit SKC004
RSK230Comp Hose Spigot Kit SRLT/XT
RSK231Comp Hose Spigot Kit SRLT/XT
MAB050SComp Pivot Mount Assy Sml
MAB033Comp Pivot Mount Assy w/Alt Lge
MAB040SComp Pivot Mount Assy w/Alt Med
MAB0700Comp Slide Mount Universal
296006Comp. 6NFCY
295050Comp. Bock FKX40/650K C/W Unloader
296004Comp. C W Unloader 4NFCY
296005Comp. C W Unloader 4PFCY
ESH30951Comp. Harness 15M 2 Unloader W'Pack
275030Compressor Zexel DKS32 24V
RRC613Condenser Coil SRLM
RRC522/523Condenser Coil SRLP
ERM079Condenser Fan Motor 12v SRLM
420352Condenser Fan SRLM/XP 24v
FAL102Condenser Lid SRLT
FAL025Condenser Lid SRLM
RRC478C/479CCondensor Coil SRLT
MRB279Condensor Fan Blade SRLT
MRG015Condensor Fan Grille SRLT
ERM080Condensor Fan Motor 24v SRLM
ERM9980Condensor Fan Motor EMP
ERM023Condensor Fan Motor SRLT/XT
420353Condensor Fan SRLM 12v
FAL200Condensor Lid SRLP
CCC0088Controller- Brushless
CCC0084Controller- Standard
EAD173Dash Control AC/Off
EAD183Dash Control AC/Off/Fan
EAD176Dash Control w/temp control
ERH007Dash Harness 15m
ERH106Data Cable 20 pin plugs 100mm
ESP031Deice Probe
ESP030Diece Probe
HAK007Digital Conversion Kit - CCC007
RSK2072Discharge Hose Assy. - Complete 1 m
RSK2032Discharge Hose Bock 1150mm
SBZ651Discharge Valve Complete 4PFC
PMB067Elect Panel MTG BKT
EAC209Electrical Panel Assy
400050Evap Fan 12v SRLM
400051Evap Fan 24v SRLM
MRW0041Evaporator Blower Wheel LH Anti CW
MRW0031Evaporator Blower Wheel RH CW
RRC485/ 486Evaporator Coil SRLM
RRC520/521Evaporator Coil SRLP
RRC498/499Evaporator Coil SRLT
ERM9990Evaporator Fan Motor EMP
ERM024Evaporator Fan Motor SRLT/XP/XT
FAL026Evaporator Lid SRLM
FAL201Evaporator Lid SRLP
FAL101Evaporator Lid SRLT
852095Evaporator Lid Hinge - Stainless Steel
RRD024Filter Drier 1/2"
RRD023Filter Drier 3/4"
RRD305Filter Drier 5/8"
531157Filter Drier- SRLT
UC151Filter Media 1.5m Wide P/Mtr
MSF334FFilter to suit MSF334
MRG410Flange Gasket 32m OD 25m ID 1.5m Th
MRG404Flange Gasket 40m OD 35m ID 1.5m Th
MRF404Flange Pipe
MRV007Fresh Air Door
ERA233Fresh Air Door Actuator Assy
PRV002Fresh Air Vent
ERF100Fuse 100A
SBZ0032Gasket - Head 4PFC
SBZ631Gasket - Service Valve / Body 4PFC
SBZ0021Gasket - Valve Plate 4PFC
295109Gasket Kit FKX40/650
SBZ141Gasket Rear Bearing Housing 4PFC
SBZ632Gasket Service Valve / Flange 4PFC
SBZ0042Gasket Set Complete 4PFC
ERS039H/P Switch 200/300 PSI
ERS038H/P Switch 300/400 PSI
EMS039MH/P Switch w/plug
RRC487Heater Coil SRLM (modified)
RRC444Heater Coil SRLP
RRC480Heater Coil SRLT
HAD169Heater Demister - Volgren Spec 24v
551437Hose 16 R134A -
551438Hose 20 R134A -
RRF702Hose Fitting 16 Std
RRF701Hose Fitting 20 Std
RRF711Hose Fitting -20/FK4
RRF712Hose Fitting-16/FK4
AS276568Idler Fixed Pulley 2B Sect
MRP4711Idler Pulley Assy
MRP471Idler Pulley Assy 4B/SPB
AS276559Idler Rosta Pulley 2B Sect.
AS295912Int Pulley Assy. MB0404
ERS040L/P Switch 6/25 PSI
EMS040ML/P Switch w/plug
ERM081Motor Cond. Flange MT27V
MRB335Motor Mount For ERM9980 /ERM9990
845214Mount for mab0700
AS295917Mounting Kit Merc. 814D VARIO
536005Muffler Discharge 1 1/8 SL
RRN702Nut Hose R134A 16
RRN701Nut Hose R134A 20
SBZ152/1521Oil Pump Complete with O Ring 4PF, NF
SBZ560Oil Seal Felt Ring 4PFC- 4TF, NF
ESP189Power Board 12v
ESP109Power Board 24v
ESP209Power Board 24v twin compressor
RRV396Pressure Relief Valve Assy R134A
ERP031Probe Temperature 1500MM
ERP037Probe Temperature 2500MM
ERP030Probe Temperature 550MM
SMP001Pump Repair Kit
MSF334R/A Grill Assy. 1200x400 PUNC
MSF335R/A Grill Assy. 539x949 ABD
AS3283070Rec Tank Pipe Assy SRLT
AS2791023Rec Tank Pipe Assy XT
RRR026Receiver Tank SRLT
RRR023Receiver Tank 102x190mm SRLP
RRR023Receiver Tank Assy. SRLM
ERR184Relay mini 12v/20A
ERR010Relay mini 24v/20A
ERR036Resistor - '90 SRLT
RRV117Schrader Valve
295051Shaft Seal Assy FK40
295159Shaft Seal Assy. FK24
SBZ381Shaft Seal C/W O Ring 4PF,NF
SBZ390Shaft Seal Gasket Comp. Body
SBS067Shaft Seal Set FK4
533556Sight Glass
RRS020Sight Glass
ERS081Solenoid 24V #SBD4401 #15-326
SBZ902Solenoid Coil 24V 4TF, 4PFC
522043Solenoid Valve
AS284629Solenoid valve Coil Assy 668140/esh419
ERR060Solid State Relay
AS295914Stepped Int Pulley Assy 75mm
RSK2071Suction Hose Assy - Complete 1m
RSK2031Suction Hose Bock 1150mm
SBZ712Suction Valve Complete 4PFC
ERS178Switch MP 100-150 PSI
ERS237Switch MP 140-190 PSI
521012T/X Valve -R134a
ERS018Toggle Switch
RRV024TX Valve Twin Comp
295176Unloader Coil
295091Unloader FK40
SBZ901Unloader Valve Assy 347602-01
HSB005Water Boost Pump - 12V
HSB002Water Boost Pump - 24V
HSB007Water Boost pump 18g magnetic
RRV560Water Valve
RRV561Water Valve Actuator
RRV550NWater Valve Assy Nut
RRV550SWater Valve Assy Spigot
RRV550WWater Valve Assy Washer
KIT2791100Water Valve Kit


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